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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions

April 14, 2024

Luke 6:12-16 The Naming of the Apostles 

Opening Question

  1. Was there ever a time when you were really hoping that your name would appear on a list and were so excited when it happened? Or maybe your name didn’t appear and it was devastating at the time?  It could have been for a part in a play or to receive a scholarship or play on a team for some examples.

Study Questions

Read Luke 6:12-16

  1. What does the fact that Jesus prayed, tell us about prayer? In other words, why would God need to pray to God?  How should that affect our own approach to prayer? 
  2. Why do you think that Jesus specifically chose twelve people to be the apostles? There are different groups of people who had various degrees of closeness to Jesus.  Break down the groups and how many were in each group.  How can we apply that to how we disciple people?
  3. Of the names on the list of apostles, which ones stand out to you the most? Are there any of the names that you personally associate with and why? 


  1. Jesus intentionally chose people to disciple. Choose some people that you know that you could seek to know them better and to teach them about Jesus.  Share those names with the group and pray for each of them.