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Community Group Questions

November 19, 2023

Luke 3:23-38 Taking it Back to Adam

Opening Question

  1. Who are some people in your family tree that everyone is especially proud of? Do you do anything to remember their character and contributions?  Are there people in your family tree that brings shame?

Study Questions

Read Luke 3:23-38

  1. What are some factors that go into determining Jesus’ age at the time that he started his public ministry? How much does it matter?
  2. Take some time to read Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1. What are some of the differences between Matthew’s and Luke’s versions?  How do we answer those questions about the differences?
  3. Read Romans 5:12-21. Explain the typology of Adam and how it relates to all of us.  Then explain what Paul is telling us in how Jesus replaces Adam.  Why does it matter?


5. What are some ways that you can honor any Christian ancestors from your family?  In what ways could that be a teaching tool and inspiration to younger generations?