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We are blessed to be a blessing. So we are committed to spreading the good news of the Gospel and the mercy of Jesus to our church community, to our city, to our county, and to the world.  

Missions And Mercy Outreach Committee

The Missions And Mercy Outreach Committee is made up of members of Grace who are committed to seeing the Gospel reach our city, our county, and the world through training and outreach initiatives. If you are interested in joining this committee, have a heart for missions and mercy, or simply want to learn more about mercy ministry, please contact Elder Tom Dell.

Helping Afghan Refugees

Oasis International, a Christian ministry in St. Louis, helps immigrants and refugees once they arrive in the US. This past week Oasis Int'l received two large Afghan families (16 image bearers in total). Over the next few weeks they are hoping to receive 70 more (families, not individuals), some of which are still awaiting evacuation in Afghanistan. We have already received several donations that were delivered for them this past week. It is truly wonderful to see the people of God come together to share of our resources with those who are coming to this country with nothing. 

Several people have asked "what is most needed" and "how can I help?" 
Mattresses and furniture will need to go directly to Oasis (contact Chris Douglas for more information). Below you will find links to a list of items needed, a link to an Amazon wishlist, where items can be shipped directly to Oasis, and one link for a mattress fundraiser.

If you have any questions, please email Pablo Rosalas at Covenant Presbyterian Church. 

Local Non-Profits

Restore St. Louis

Restore St. Charles

The Sparrow's Nest


International Organizations

Compassion International

The Jaunita School



Ministries Of Mercy: The Call of the Jericho Road by Tim Keller

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