Join us for Sunday school at 9:00am and Worship at 10:00am


The Unifying Power of Singing by Andrew Wilson

Everyone has a hunger for worship, and everybody worships something, whether it’s God, or their job, or their family, or their possessions.  At Grace, we believe that it is only in worshipping God through the person of Jesus Christ that we find the answer to the deepest questions and longings of our souls.  We invite you to come and join us!

Sunday Morning Worship Service (10:00 a.m.)

Worship Team

We believe that worshipping God collectively through music and song is one key aspect to Christian worship. If you are skilled at playing an instrument or singing and are passionate about leading others in worship, we would love for you to be able to use your gifts to serve the church in this way by volunteering with the worship team. Please contact the Julie Foster for more information.

Sound Team

The Sound Team is a very important ministry that serves the church by ensuring that the soundboard is setup properly during the service. This includes soundchecking the band, creating the right mix, and ensuring that all sound equipment is run properly throughout the service. If you are interested in serving on the sound team, please contact Jeff Outlaw for more information.

Media Team

The Media team handles all media elements during our service, including the worship slides, sermon slides, video clips, etc. If you are interested in serving on the media team, please contact Jeff Outlaw.