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Classes that are going on right now:

Knowing God and Doing His Will - taught by Spencer Cummins

Have you ever wondered who is this God we serve? What is his will for my life? We really don’t know God for that matter unless we understand who he is and what he has done through his actions. In this class we look at the characteristics or attributes of God as they connect with God’s mighty deeds for his people, through history and for us. In growing in our understanding of God from his Word, then we will discern his direction for our lives.

Paul’s Letters from Prisontaught by Jake Mundle

Even in his imprisonment, Paul wrote letters to minister to the churches around him in hopes of encouraging and building them up in the faith. While the circumstances Paul faced (imprisonment and possible death) are difficult to understand, this class hopes to glimpse what Paul was going through and what gave him the strength to persevere in the faith and hope that put him in this predicament in the first place.